Anyone can have a trained PR monkey write a glowing bio filled with vague BS terms like "visionary" or "thought leader."


Need proof? Go on LinkedIn or Instagram and see how many 25 year old "transformative, "game changing", "influencers" you'll find. 

PRO TIP... If Oprah, Tim Ferris, Fast Company or The Wall Street Journal call you a "visionary, thought leader" ... YOU ARE!

ie. Malcomb Gladwell, Seth Godin. If you call yourself that ... chances are YOU AIN'T. (sorry Bob with Accounting Pro's in Toledo) 

Of course there has to be some sizzle with the steak, but...

 I believe it is just as important to know the real person’s story, as it is to read the stats, career highlights, or polished "BS" bio...

so here is a little of my story

I'm a fifth generation Texan. Dallas is my home, but I travel a lot. I've been here over 20 years. Raised in the red dirt and wind of West Texas, I left to play varsity tennis for the Oklahoma Sooners in college. I then moved to NYC where I lived and worked for several years. 

I'm a single dad to three college aged kids and a blue pitbull. I think I'm in the top 2% of all Dads. Yeah. I take great pride in that and in my kids. 

I still play tennis and for one hot second a few years ago was ranked in the top 50 in America in my age group. I'm not talking about dink around social league stuff.  I'm an enormous racing and motorsport fan. (I love Nascar... don't judge me) I enjoy yoga... though I'm really bad at it. I paint, write and I also am a pretty good bartender.

professional stuff

For over twenty years, I've been recognized as a best-selling author, coach, speaker and one of the top executive recruiters, career and hiring strategists in America. I've written 5 books total about parenting, being a father, careers and business. I was fortunate enough to have Random House publish a couple of them back in the day and one became a best seller before my kids were alive. I've been that have been published in multiple languages around the world.

I was partner at one of the largest executive search firms in the country, I've coached, consulting and recruited thousands of people and been engaged to by companies that are household names to consult and speak. I also run an advisory business where I consult C-level executives at Inc. 5000 companies about and people issues.

personal & relationship stuff

 I was married for 16 years and have been divorced for 8. I've gone to war during and after a divorce, co-parented and ultimately learned to appreciate what you had and how to get along in the end.

I've had wins and losses. Made and lost a lot of money a couple of times over. Had business and relationship successes and failures. I'm an eternal optimist and am known as someone who is inspiring and motivating. I've also suffered from depression.

I've probably dated half of Dallas at one point (I'm not proud of that... btw but it's relevant because it came with many lessons) I've had some great relationships and some absolute train wrecks. The train wrecks make the best stories btw. (Real Mexican tele-novela type stuff!) I've had my heart broken and been brought to my knees and on a couple of occasions over the years I've acted (as the French say) like a d-bag.

Each time I've learned and became a better man along the way. I'm a work in progress... as we all are. 

my strengths, approach & style

Clients, friends and people who meet me comment on my creativity, ability to see common things with a fresh or different perspective and how I can easily connect the dots and communicate high level concepts so that people easily understand.

I make things simple. I also believe everything revolves around relationships and how you deal and interact with people. It doesn't matter if it is personal, romantic, or in business. I focus on "human" needs, emotion, motivations and connection to drive results. C'mon people! We are dealing with...people. It's not that hard once you operate from that perspective, but as the saying goes... "If common sense were common, everyone would have it."

I'm courteous and polite as any Texan (or grown man) should be, however I'm not always politically correct. I believe authenticity and respect are paramount and I curse and use the "f" word slightly less than Gary Vaynerchuck or Tony Robbins... but not much. 

I believe great ideas can come from anywhere, so I'm always learning, reading, listening and looking for ways to improve and discover how the "best of the best" do things.  A few writers and people I like and respect include James Altucher, Mark Manson,  Jen SinceroSteven PressfieldLewis HowesJon AcuffLiz GilbertMel RobbinsRamit SethiAndy Frisella, and Grant Cardone to name a few. If you like them... you might like me. 

core beliefs

One of my core beliefs is that you don't know how much time you have or when your day will come... so I want to use it all up. I want to go out on empty, on fumes and leave nothing in the tank. I want to experience it all and to die with an empty heart... because I loved and gave it all away. 

I also believe that you should be true to yourself, trust your gut and that you can't adequately love or take care of others until you get yourself right. Put your oxygen mask on first. I believe there is a disconnect (a chasm actually) between being and acting like a grown ass man and an old school gentleman today. I hope to bridge that for both men and women's benefit... and the future generation.

Other than "You're a great dad" and "You're really smart", the best compliment I've ever received was... "You're a good guy... with just enough bad boy in him to keep it interesting."

Second best... "Bradley, half the people in this town would take a bullet for you... the other half would want to put one in you."  (I can live with that. Don't ever be vanilla.)

I'm not perfect, but I'm working on it.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Let's talk and get to know each other.


I genuinely want to hear from you. So reach out

Until then the best way to get to know me is to read what I write and explore my content. 

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These are my"Big Rocks"


You will hear me use the term "Big Rocks" a lot. 

"Big Rocks" are those core things that matter to you above all else. They are your "reasons"  Your "Big Rocks" are what matter

They are different for everyone. These are mine. 

They are why I want to get up in the morning, why I want to keep on fighting when things are tough, and why I want to be a better man. 

Look, things are not always easy, sometimes relationships, career, finances or life can be an ass kicker...  but in the end money, success and surface things come and go... and can come back again. Yes, you need money. Lot's of it! But you can always make more, however the relationships and time together with your kids,  loved ones or people that matter in your life... that's a one shot deal.

That's what counts and you can never go back and make more time. Know what's important to you and why you're doing what you do. 

What are your #bigrocks

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