Welcome, I'm Bradley Richardson and my goal is to add value to you by giving you or your company tools and services to elevate your career, company or life

Connector, Matchmaker, Conduit

Executive Recruiter, Best-Selling Author, Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Dad ...and a lot more

If you had to put a label on it, most people would say that I'm a headhunter and author.

In reality, "I inspire, educate and connect people and companies with opportunities, ideas and each other."  - From finding a strategic key executive that will save a company millions of dollars, creating a strategic sourcing program to hire hundreds of people for a new project for or an Inc 500 Company or one of the largest Health Systems in America; to helping someone realize and communicate his or her worth, develop a strategy, chart a new course or make a career move that will mean a better opportunity and quality of life for them and their family - my work is much more than just filling a position...  I'm in the business of changing lives and companies.

Whether you hire people, are making a career change, want to up your professional game or develop a plan to make it all happen; if it has to do with careers, hiring, and people... we have services and products to make you or your company successful.

Executive Search & Recruiting - Coaching - Online Courses & Education - Tools, Books & Speaking

With over 20 years in this field, I have a very different approach than other headhunters or career experts you've experienced. I blend the tactical and pragmatic with the human and emotional side of work. People have described me as an innovative problem solver and passionate relationship builder with strong people skills

Regardless of which side you are coming from (employer or individual) I view work, hiring and careers as you would a relationship, even as far as comparing it dating or marriage, because success in any field is about culture and fit as much as skills, compensation and ability. Ultimately is about attraction, communication and people coming together in a relationship. 

But it also takes action and being proactive to be successful, therefore I take a hunting or sales approach to recruiting and careers. Many people and companies continue to use traditional, staid, outdated and simply ineffective methods. They "fish", throwing a line (resume or job posting) out and see what, if anything bites. They post and pray, or they get counsel and advice from friends, family or rely on their own limited experience... and then wonder why they don't get results. We get results by hunting for you OR  teaching you how to hunt - both people AND opportunities.

I offer the following services and products to companies AND individuals at all levels and fields...

Our core services include:

  • Executive Search and Recruiting
  • Coaching for individuals, job seekers and professionals at all levels, Career and Professional Development  Coaching & Mentoring 
  • Books that have been translated into 4 languages, including two bestsellers),
  • A blog with a global following, 
  • Online Courses & Learning Tools, Online Courses & Education (Individual & Corporate)
  • Speaking - Keynote and Seminar Presentation
  • Career or Job Search Guidance, Strategy, Development, Direction, Communication, Prep & Advice and Accountability
  • Corporate Hiring & Recruiting Audits & Evaluation
  • Interview Preparation (Individuals & Employers)
  • Strategic Sourcing & Candidate Pipeline Development - OSP Open Strategic Pipeline and Turnkey Flat Rate Sourcing Programs
  • E-Books, Templates, Guides, Scripts & Swipe Files 


  • DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT SEARCH & HIRING - DO YOU HAVE PEOPLE - Fees, process, specialties, etc. 
  • DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO GET A JOB OR SEND RESUME - Information about helping you get if we can help you. 
  • DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT COACHING SERVICES - Work personally with you about a career related issue, strategy, direction, Plan or progress. - Fees, process, options.
  • FIND ME THE RIGHT PEOPLE  - Develop and execute a strategy to attract and hire the right people.
  • FIND ME A LOT OF PEOPLE - Open Strategic Pipeline


I’m Bradley Richardson and I’m one of nation's leading executive recruiters and professional career development experts. I am a best-selling business author, professional speaker and lead one of the few executive search firms in the nation dedicated to finding Executive Leaders for Hospitals and Health Care systems around the nation. I have successfully placed senior and C-level executives at some of the leading healthcare organizations in America and have counseled other industry leaders such as Southwest Airlines, PWC and AT&T among others on their recruiting and professional development initiatives. A fifth generation native Texan and proud father of 3, I am also founder of "The 52 Souls Project" an initiative to challenge people to make a conscious effort to use their professional talents and career to change one persons life per week for a year.  - Welcome… this is my story.


  • Author of five (5) books including 2 Best-Sellers (JobSmarts for Twentysomethings & Career Comeback, Published by Random House / Vintage/Broadway Books - 
  • Created the "No Limits" Internship and first college recruiting program for Southwest Airlines.
  • National Spokesperson & Consultant for AT&T
  • Appeared on over 100 National Television, Radio an Magazines and newspapers including The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, CNBC, Fox News, Fast Company and more.
  • Consulted and guided leading organizations such as AT&T, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Southwest Airlines and others. 
  • A nationally sought after speaker to companies, associations and colleges. 
  • Over a decade as one of the top Headhunters and Executive recruiters in America, specializing in placing Senior Executives in the Healthcare Industry.
  • Former Managing Partner of one of the top ten executive search firms in America.
  • Executive recruiter who has recruited and placed over 1,000 Healthcare
  • Sought after consultant and coach for recruiting, career and hiring issues by Fortune 500, Inc 500, Startups and more.
  • Creator of OSP Open Stratgic Pipeline Advisory, 
  • Placed CEO, CFO, VP Finance, VP & Director Revenue Cycle, Controller at some of the largest integrated health systems in America.
  • Retained by leading organizations such as Dell, Southwest Airlines, & PriceWaterhouseCoopers to counsel on recruiting, retention and management efforts. 
  • International Best-Selling Business Author - 4 languages, 12 countries
  • Nationally known career development, job search and recruiting expert having appeared on Good Morning America, Fox News, NPR, CNBC, Bloomberg and feature in Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, Beckers Hospital Review, Rolling Stone, USA Today.
  • Former Equity & Managing Partner at one of the ten largest retained search firms in America
  • Fmr. National Director, The Wall Street Journal / Dow Jones / Career Journal.com
  • Placed over 1,000 Healthcare Finance executives. 
  • Advised, counseled and coached thousands of job seekers and career changers

The Professional Bio 

Bradley Richardson is one of the nation's leading executive recruiters and professional & career development experts. A best-selling business author and professional speaker. He has successfully recruited placed and coached thousands of professionals in multiple industries and levels and has counseled other industry leaders such as Southwest Airlines, AT&T, Komen Foundation for the Cure on their recruiting and professional development efforts. 

Frequently engaged by some of the leading organizations in America, his search assignments focus on executive leadership including CEO, CFO,  Vice Presidents and Directors, much within the Healthcare and Finance worlds.  He has also successfully completed large scale recruiting and staffing projects including the system wide relocation, consolidation and staffing for organizations including one of the top ten largest hospital systems in the nation and some of the Inc. 500 and Modern Healthcare's Fastest Growing companies.

Author of five books, including two (2) national best sellers, Career Comeback (Broadway/RandomHouse) and Jobsmarts for Twentysomethings (Vintage/RandomHouse), Richardson's career advice has been published in (11) countries and (4) languages and helped tens of thousands of individuals.

Bradley has appeared on Good Morning America, Fox News, ABC News, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and NPR -- and in such publications as USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Becker’s Hospital Review, U.S. News & World Report and Rolling Stone. 

Prior to founding Bradley Richardson Career Group (BRGC) and most recently OSP Advisory,  Richardson was Managing Partner with a large national retained executive search firm where he was responsible for leading the firm's National Healthcare Finance Practice. Bradley was a top producer within the organization and established several records in his seven years there. Before that, Richardson served as National Manager of The Wall Street Journal's official career website CareerJournal.com and founded two consulting firms devoted to recruiting and human resource consulting.

A frequently sought after speaker, he has presented to thousands of job seekers, career changers and hiring companies at conferences and seminars throughout the country. 

Richardson is also founder of The 52 Souls Project, an initiative intended to create awareness and challenge people from all walks of life to use their job, occupation, professional gifts or talents to consciously make a difference in life of one person a week for a year.  

Bradley is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where he majored in Communication and was a varsity tennis player and letterman for the Sooners.  Today, Richardson lives in Dallas and is the father of three children, Samantha (19), Skylar (17) and Tyler (14).