I want to give you a personal invitation to become a BETA TESTER for my first online course which is focused on Communication with Men:

Getting Your Man (or Potential Man) To Open Up Early In A Relationship



  • Quickly get a guy off autopilot and get real.
  • Establish a pattern of open communication from date #1
  • Save weeks or months of frustration dating someone only to find out you STILL don’t know what he wants
  • 3 ways to tell if you want to continue to invest time and energy in him beyond the first couple of dates.
  • Stop wasting your time with A** Holes and man boys.
  • Avoid the two words that make most men shut down.
  • Set the tone for how you will communicate as a couple moving forward… if you become one

.... and much more. 

Yes, I want to apply for the Free Beta Test

Enrollment for this pilot or beta course ends on 8/24. Self paced classes will begin shortly after that and will include video, online access AND office hours with me.

There is NO FEE to participate in the program, however you are required to complete several surveys and provide feedback throughout the course. Once this beta test is over, this course will be released to the public for approximately $1,000.

To apply to participate and receive this training for FREE, click the button below to apply.

I’ll also say "thank you"  by giving you a $100 gift credit for any other "Advanced Adulting" Course or Coaching Service in the future... simply for applying. 

Is that a bribe? You’re damn right it is! But I’m not running for office so I don’t care. 

Everyone wins!

See you in class. 


Bradley Richardson

Advanced Adulting
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