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For my upcoming Online Course :  Get Your Guy (or Potential Guy) To Open Up In (3) Three Dates or Less


If you’ve ever been frustrated, confused or found yourself weeks or months in a relationship with a guy who never seems to open up… this course will give you insight, tools, and tips to take control, save time, and to quickly see if your guy or the NEXT guy has the ability to give you what you need. Get a man’s perspective on what works, what scares guys off and how you can take control early on.

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I’ll also say "thank you"  by giving you a $100 gift credit for any other "Advanced Adulting" Course or Coaching Service in the future... simply for applying. 

Is that a bribe? You’re damn right it is! But I’m not running for office so I don’t care. 

Everyone wins!

IN THIS COURSE YOU’LL Discover how to:

  • Use keywords phrases and scenarios that will help you dig deeper faster so you can discover if he is capable of being open or he is just going to waste your time.
  • Get beyond typical  “get to know you” dating BS conversation… without  scaring him off.
  • Ask better questions and have better conversations that REALLY give you insight.
  • 3 ways to tell if you want to continue to invest time and energy in him beyond the first couple of dates.
  • Quickly get a guy off autopilot and get real.
  • Establish a pattern of open communication from date #1
  • Save weeks or months of frustration dating someone only to find out you STILL don’t know what he wants
  • Get past “date speak” and quickly determine if he is open, authentic or at least capable of being vulnerable. 
  • Stop wasting your time with A** Holes and man boys.
  • Avoid the two words that make most men shut down.
  • Set the tone for how you will communicate as a couple moving forward… if you become one
  • Ask the #1 one question to see if he is interested in you for more than sex.
  • Quickly determine if he is self aware or self absorbed
  • Handle narcissist oxygen thieves.
  • Avoid the #1 topic covered on most dates that appears to “open" but actually sabotages relationships from the start.
  • Get him thinking, feeling and sharing without feeling like he is being interrogated.
  • Stop doing the #1 thing women do cause men to shut down. … and what to do instead.
  • Why typical dating conversation doesn’t help you to really know him.
  • Get him to communicate authentically on a date on instead of “being on best behavior” to impress.
  • Not waste six months hoping he will open up, be himself, commit or be vulnerable
  • Dig beneath the surface in a way that can make you even more attractive to him.
  • See if he is worth more of your time or if he is putting on a show. 
  • Get past the superfercicial and get real
  • Get your man to open up and keep doing it willingly. 
  • Get a guy to stop speaking in riddles. 
  • Stop spoon feeding guys in a way that allows them to tell you what you want to hear.
  • Discover his true expectations, intentions or if he is playing games.


Details & How to Apply

This  3-4 week self paced pilot course starts on September, 7th and includes online access, videos, pdfs, private Facebook group and weekly online office hours and coaching with me (via zoom call).

There are a limited number of spots for this FREE beta program and not everyone who applies will be accepted for this specific pilot. We will notify you whether or not you’ve been accepted into the pilot program.  By applying you agree to be notified about the course, even if you are not accepted into the beta program.

The brief application is just 6 simple questions. 

There is NO CHARGE to participate in the program, however you are required to complete several surveys and provide feedback throughout the course, and if you have a good experience and results we will ask you for a testimonial.

This is a $1,000 value that you will receive for free. Once I release it to the public, it will sell for approximately $1,000.

To apply to participate and receive this training for FREE, click the button below.  

Even if you aren’t accepted at this time, I’ll share with you a content bonus from the completed program as a way to say "thank you" for applying AND a $100 gift credit for any other "Advanced Adulting" Course or Coaching Service in the future. 


About Your Course Coach

Bradley Richardson is a best-selling author, single dad, fifth generation Texan and helps men and women navigate the uncharted areas of Advanced Adulting: Real Issues for Grown A** Adults such as dating, divorce, relationships and more.