If YOU want to succeed in your current job, get ahead in your career, start your own venture, grow your business or make your next move, Bradley Richardson's ideas, strategies, and mentoring have helped thousands achieve what they want personally, professionally and financially... and they can help YOU.



your career supports your life & dreams... make it count


Whether you work for someone else, are in a big company, a start-up, have a side hustle, or are an entrepreneur... your career is defined however YOU choose to define it. 

Everyone works. You can be a CEO, a recent graduate, an artist or an Uber Driver.... your work (however you define it) is a major part of YOUR LIFE.  You can't really separate the two. 

your life AND your career go together...you can't separate them.

It's not just how you make your money. Your work, career, business often define you. They can shape and influence your happiness, self esteem, impact your relationships, even your health. You think about your work, career and business EVERY DAMN DAY. Not just when you are making a change or looking for a job. That's ridiculous.

your career directly impacts your health, relationships, finances and all around happiness. 

Do you ever think feel this way about your career and life and not know what to do? Click here and ASK YOURSELF these questions.

you aren't alone.

  • Sometimes you DON'T KNOW what you DON'T KNOW.
  • Sometimes you don't know WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO TURN, HOW TO DO IT or what your OPTIONS are.
  • Sometimes you need reassurance or to know YOU'RE NOT ALONE, CRAZY OR FULL OF SHIT.  

You may just need a plan, a change, a different way of thinking, resources, ideas, strategies or simply a sounding board. Your friends and family won't do. You need someone with experience, perspective and objectivity to listen, lift you up or even call you out on your shit when you need it.

Your life and career are more interconnected than ever before. This also means you have more options, freedom and choices than ever. So, how are you going to navigate this uncharted territory? You need a guide. You need someone who can show you how it all works and how you can take control of your career, business and your life. Bradley can that mentor for you. 

what this means for YOU is...

You now have a resource, a guide, mentor and advisor to show you how to connect the dots, think strategically, develop and execute a plan to improve, and reach your personal and professional goals." 

readers and clients say Bradley's content, ideas and coaching has given them:

  • A strategy, a plan, a blueprint that you can make happen.
  • Actionable tips
  • Inspiration that will get you started and momentum to keep you going
  • Confidence that you will know what to say, do and respond
  • Resources, content and examples from different fields.
  • A new way to look at hiring, growing the people side of the business and compete. 
  • Security and a feeling like you're back in control of your career