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Social media is the best place to get all of the play by play activities and goings on.  I'm on social media more often than a 14 year old girl, the result of having 3 millennials & being proactive parent ...plus I take awesome Kardashianesque pouty lip selfies, or so I'm told)

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I have a Facebook Author Page and a personal page (so just don't be too creepy)  

True FB fact though. If you see something out there beyond those two profiles with a devastatingly handsome man that looks like me, and you're not sure if it's ME, let me know. DM or shoot me a direct message. (Because I've been cloned at least 6 times by lowlife bastards using it as a dating profile. I mean, thanks for the backhanded compliment... but WTF, ridiculous.)


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If you hire people or want to know more about the professional side and what I do when not writing, check out OSP ADVISORY