What Grown Women Think About Your Shirtless Profile Picture - VIDEO

If you ask many women they will tell you about the long list of mistakes men make on profile or dating pics (incl. pics w sunglasses, motorcycles, guns, ex girlfriends, dead animals or fish)... but a man over a certain age or at a stage in life purposely showing his nipples in a shirtless gym or bathroom pic is the gold standard when it comes to what many women seem to hate... (sorry... Jerry, but nobody really wants to see a 44 year old accountant get a "sick pump."

I've created a Q&A (or PSA depending on your viewpoint) that will give you a few guidelines whether a grown man (with a few exceptions) should use a shirtless profile picture.   


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Should A Grown Man Ever Use A Shirtless Profile Pic?

Should A Grown Man Ever Use A Shirtless Profile Pic?

This is a Q&A … ok PSA depending on your perspective.. but seriously, is there any reason a grown ass man over 35 should be showing his nipples in a profile pic (unless you’re an athlete, trainer or fitness model… it’s your job,) otherwise… WTH. Here is what grown intelligent professional women who can conjugate verbs think of your shirtless profile pic.

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Don't Overthink It... Overcome it.

Don't Overthink It... Overcome it.

I’ve been making myself crazy this week. 

I’ve been working on launching some new business things. Content, site, etc.. and it’s driving my up a f…..g  wall. Why?

Perfectionism, overthinking and that GD voice. You know the one, the judgmental one in my head. Tell me if you relate. 

I’ve worked, reworked and scrapped more things that I can even count. I’ve devoted so much attention to minutia that I swear to God I felt like a teen hopped up on Adderall. 

At one point I’d focused on a single paragraph so much that I looked up and I’d spent an hour. WTF? 

There is “wordsmithing” and then there is obsession. 

When I would finally get something finished and really looking good, I’d become paralyzed with fear about putting it out there. 

"Hit enter or send? Oh hell no, I should think about this more."  

Pressfield calls it “resistance" and it takes many forms. 

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