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Ask These 4 Questions to Become "Unstuck" In Your Career

Stuck in your career? Things not working out like you have planned? There are four important questions you need to ask yourself to get yourself out of a rut and prepared to make a change. Here is the first step...

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CareerBradley Richardson
Thought Leaders, Visionaries and Other BS Phrases Keeping You from Getting The Gig.

Apparently I either haven’t had enough fiber in my diet lately or just had too many margaritas last night because I woke up cranky. It didn’t help that the first thing I read was an article talking about the over use of self proclaimed and inflated monikers on LinkedIn Bios and profiles.

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This generic label is holding you back from getting noticed by employers

Do you give any serious thought to naming your documents? You know, when you are working on a word document and need to save it... do you really give any real thought about what to call it... specifically your resume? Of course not, you call it resume or better yet "My resume" and move on. 

I realize that this scintillating topic ranks just behind flossing and lawn maintenance and is probably not on the Top 80 of things you give a #@& about.... BUT let me tell you why this casual and seemingly innocent thing can inadvertently impact your first impression, how you're perceived by a recruiter or employer and label you a lazy sack right from the start.

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