Do you have a BFF of the opposite sex? Someone who is like a sister or brother that you can ask all the weird questions or commiserate about about crazy dates and ask things like… WTH are men/women thinking?

Fortunately I do!

Mine happens to be Dr. Karin Luise, a leading author, speaker, and host of Facebook Show with almost 200K women followers. She also happens to be a single grown ass adult. We talk a lot about Advanced Adulting things that many of us goes through... of course, that means things like dating, being single and relationships.


Not long ago we thought it would be fun to do a Facebook Live for BOTH of our audiences and subscribers that would give them a glimpse into our conversations about dating, being single at a certain age and WTH does it mean when he/she says or does something.

There may or may not have been wine involved… just saying. ;-)

We talk about our own experiences, common issues, AND take questions from viewers. I think you’ll like it.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think or if you have a question you’d like one us to tackle on an upcoming FaceBook Q&A.


Bradley Richardson



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