How to Feed Your Mind Like An Advanced Adult

When you first wake up, do you grab your phone before you pee?

Tell the truth. OK, certainly before you brush your teeth. It's OK, no judgment. I often do. And if you do, I'll bet you're checking out social media, your feed or some random headline alert that popped up. You likely aren't going straight for NPR or something decidedly more high brow… if so, good for you, but if we're honest (or at least me) more often than not, we end up consuming crap content first thing in the morning.

Call it what you want, news, info, entertainment, education… content has become the common or “catch all” word we use to describe the stuff we feed our brains with. Content is also 80% or 90% garbage. That’s in large part because of how easily accessible it is.

Kind of like when my kids were little and I’d be surrounded by every processed garbage snack and bottomless bowls of Kraft Macaroni and cheese. Of course I’m reaching for the pop tarts if they are easily within reach dammit.

Sure, sometimes we need junk food, a shot of whiskey, or a little Debbie Oatmeal Cake (Damn those things are delicious)… it doesn’t alway have to be kale or good for you.

But are you conscious about what are you putting into your mind? Or are you lazy and grabbing the Cheetos of content.

It takes work to seek content that can expand and nourish your mind…"

  • Yes, I know “nourish” is the second most uncomfortable word in the English language right behind MOIST.”

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We talk about leveling up your fitness, your people, etc.“You are the average of the five people your surround yourself with” has become as common and cliche as the f…ing starfish story (even though it’s 100% true)

Why not level up the content you consume and put into your head.

Things actually occur in THE world, YOUR world, YOUR community even though they didn’t make the current cycle on Buzzfeed, TMZ, or Business Insider.

The older I get… the more I’m fascinated with things that stand the test of time. What makes a classic… classic. Check out Ryan Holiday’s book Perennial Seller

Seek the classics in everything. Add them to your content diet.

Valuable things can be learned from THE PAST beyond the 24 hours of your IG Stories.

Look I’m not claiming to be high and mighty, lets’ all read the classics. (although revisiting your junior high required reading list wouldn’t kill you… ie To Kill A Mockingbird). Nor would it kill you to watch a movie that doesn’t have CGI, or listen to a piece of music where someone actually played an instrument or managed to write a lyric that doesn’t say “hoe or **ussy” or have DJ Ass Clown shouting his name over the song. *yes, I’m referring to. DJ Kahlid for you keeping score at home.

Comedian Bo Burnam does a sharp bit about how the lyrics. classic loves songs have changed from romantic almost poetic lyrics about love to… just shouting the name Jason Derulo on and repeating the same thing over and over. Funny. Sad. True.


Is your opinion … YOURS?

We proudly defend our opinions, but is that opinion truly yours or is it based upon limited info or another person’s vision.

We look at snippets, summaries, we watch movies but don’t realize that they began as books or plays or historical events. Do yourself a favor and check out the original and use your mind to form your own opinion, paint the mental image and interpretation.

I’m fascinated with understanding and knowing more about a variety of subjects. I’m curious. Part of that curiosity stems from a desire to be better, a better man, a better, more interesting human. Part of it is because it gives me a greater understanding of the world around me, of the people who were here before me. Part of it is so I can achieve shortcuts and learn from others or put my spin on something. I don’t have to like, agree with, or even downright “understand” everything I consume.


You can find most any book, music, film, speech, documentary, lesson, lecture, history lesson, interview… all are there waiting for you.

And yet, we use them to find out which “Game of Thones” character you’re most like or to see what you will look like when your older. Here is a hint… you’ll look like a wrinkled idiot.. so upgrade what you put in your head.

Don’t be lazy. Do the work.

Go BEYOND what is easily served up to you on that device in your hand. Form your own opinions, insights and tastes. Take the best, leave the rest.

We must become diligent about SEEKING OUT what we put in our heads. Globally, locally culturally, personally.

  • Chose your content, info and input wisely.

  • Seek what excites, interests or intrigues you.

  • Improve your content diet and expand your mind and get out of your bubble.

Here are are few ideas to help you get started.

  • Go watch AFI's Top 100 Movies of all time. *AFI - American Film Institute

  • Pick a movie that is based on a book… then read the book. Form your own opinion and see how you would re-imagine it

  • Choose a year, at least 30 years ago or more, and listen to the top songs, watch the top movies, or read the #1 NYT Best-Seller from that year.

  • Try a new playlists from around the world or totally random genre on Spotify.

  • Go on You Tube and find famous speeches, presentations, or lectures that you’re curious about.

  • Listen to podcasts. There is a topic for every taste and interest. I’ve listed a couple of my favorites below.

  • Read Biographies. Success leaves clues. I didn’t say it… Tony Robbins did, but they are often hidden in the biographies of people who have done it. Learn from the good the bad, the ugly.

  • Read a real book… with pages. Start with the classics or classics in a field or genre that interests you… I listed one of my current reads below.

  • Don’t like to read? Have a hard time with it… coooool. Get Audible… and if you’re cheap, there are many audio books on YouTube.

  • I love me some garbage Netflix binging on Mrs. Maisel… don’t judge, but balance it with documentaries. Check out the one about Joseph Campbell and The Heroes Journey.

A few of my “go to” PODCASTS to check out.

All are phenomenal interviewers, have great guests, are life long learners and interesting in their own right. * Total unapologetic straight man-crush on Dax Shepard who is one of the smartest , genuine, and eclectic men alive and married to Elsa from Frozen… really. Just listen to all of these dudes and go down the rabbit hole.

Need A READ?

A classic personal development book I’m reading and fascinated by The Science of Success and Science of Getting Rich… Wallace Waddles - Pro Tip: Jen Sincero, Author of You Are A Bad Ass says it was pivotal to her success… and well, she’s a Bad Ass. (read her book too)

Now, blow my mind and tell me what’s on your current reading, podcast, and watch list below.

… AND if you’d like I’ll send you a weekly list / summary of cool reads, podcasts, and things to watch and listen to. Click here and I’ll make it easy for you.


Bradley Richardson

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