Strategic Planning for Your Life. 10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Six Months - (Video)

I'm Bradley Richardson, creator of Advanced Adulting. I help grown-ass adults (like you and me), navigate real-life issues. Today’s issue is figuring out your next move… or at least the next six months of your life.

I’m going to give you ten unique questions that you should be asking yourself every six months to get you off autopilot, create a new course or stay on course to achieve what you really want and be who you’re meant to be. BIG CLAIM. Right?

This is not goal setting. This isn't, “I want to lose ten pounds” or “I’m gong to make x amount of money”… “Blah, blah, blah”… this is bigger, broader. To use a corporate term, this is strategic planning, which is very different than goal setting. This is really strategic planning for life.

I started doing this exercise a while back to help me strategically design the next six months of my life. I was tired of reacting or letting things happen to me. I felt like I was watching a character in a movie, just waiting to see how the story unfolded, meanwhile the calendar kept turning. Like Groundhog Day. You ever feel like that?

Now every six months, I set aside a couple of hours to I ask myself these ten specific questions that help me write the story of my life. I think they can help you too.

If you really believe that you are the author of your life, the biggest question you need to ask yourself is, "how do I want this story to end?"

The problem is, it becomes easy to go on autopilot. You let kids, life, relationships, or work get in the way and we continue to coast. You live one year to the next without a direction or strategy for where you're going, what you want your life to look like or who you really want to become.

Once a year, (often New Years or birthday's) we make some singular BS resolution or goal, but it is not a strategy or design, and thus you keep going down the same path, reaching or responding to what occurs.Life is too short to get it wrong or let things keep happing to you, so occasionally you need to make adjustments to the plan.

Ok, you need a plan.

These ten simple questions can help you develop a strategy or vision, open your mind to the possibilities of what you and your life can look like, and make necessary adjustments.


Ask yourself the following questions.

Over the next six months.

* Who will come into my life?

* What great things will I discover?

* What great things will I improve or overcome?

* What do I want to learn?

* What do I want to focus on?

* What do I want to change?

* When I look up six months from now, what do I want things to look like?

* If I truly focus on my (BLANK) for the next six months what will happen?

* If I really focus on developing ME what will that look like in six months?

* What does the man or woman I want to become (or become more of) look like, act like, think, or do?

You'll have concrete answers for some of the questions, others are meant to make you aware, open, receptive, to get you off autopilot, and define who you want to be and what you want you and your life to look like six months from now.

Take 30 to 90 minutes, and really think about it with no limits, no filters, no judgment, no worrying about the mechanics or how it will happen… that is for a different exercise. Don't waste too many sleep cycles worrying about things that aren't there Make things happen instead.

It is like I say if I want to drive from Dallas to Ft. Worth. I just need to know that I'll end up in Fort Worth… How I get there can be figured out… but I first need a destination in mind.

Be open, don't limit yourself and make space for the "what if" and the "why not's"

Write your answers down. Put them in the notes on your phone. Look at them once a week as a reminder to live and pursue your truth. Six months from now, when you do this exercise (aka. hold your personal strategic planning session), you can look backward and see what you achieved, how far you came, and what serves you still.

You are the author. This helps you create the outline. Now go write the story.




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