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Hey gang… I get it… so much info, so much social media, so many damned emails. How can you keep up?

If you’re like me, I end up getting pissed and bulk deleting hundreds of emails at a time, because God knows I’m not going to go back and read EVERYTHING. As a result, I know I end up missing out on some good stuff, because, "Oh, I have a life and can’t be glued to every IG Story, FB Post, LIVE and blog or video."

Wouldn’t it be great to have a summary or“digest” (If you’re old enough to remember Readers Digest, which was often found at your grandma’s house or doctors offices... you’ll get it.)

Today we just call it a dashboard, wrap up or recap.

There are several people who taken this idea and have nailed it. Tim Ferris, Austin Kleon, and my friend Rob Murgatroyd all put together a weekly recap email with everything you may have missed, would need, want to know, along with cool stuff they discovered... along with links. This way if you missed something during the week, you’re still good.

It's an awesome one stop highlight reel or catch up so you don't sort through all the garbage out there....because, "aint nobody got time for that."

So in homage or rather the spirit of Picasso, who said “Good artists borrow, great artists steal” … I’m flat out unapologetically ripping off this idea and giving it my spin.

This is a weekly wrap up of what's gone down, what I published over the week and other cool stuff you need or may want to know about or check out in one simple email. I'll send them out every weekend.

It's a work in progress… so be gentle and tell me what you like / don’t like / or would want to see included. I’m also being totally serious when I say, "I want to hear from you" and know what’s up with y’all."

So in the words of Marvin Gaye…. "Let’s get it on."


I'm still in Minneapolis spending time with my beautiful and talented girlfriend, and will be here for another couple of weeks before I go to Dallas to see my kids and visit with my youngest child before he heads to college next month. Check out my Instagram @imbradleyrichardson to get an idea of some of my summer days and how my favorite human and I are doing life.


Here are the most recent articles I wrote this week. Leave a comment and make sure to share them with a friend or repost on social.

365 DAYS AGO IS A LONG WAY FROM HERE. 365 days ago I hopped on a plane, left the city I called home for 24 years, the city I raised my 3 children in, and hit the reset button on my life. I’ve come a long way… and I’ll go even further in the next 365 days. Here is the story and how you can find yourself again. Some of you have been there. Some of you may even be going through a dark period right now. I encourage you to share article this or tag someone you know who had a rough year and is ready to hit reset and find themselves over the next 365 days - READ MORE

EVERYTHING COMES DOWN TO THIS!!!! SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, MONEY, LOVE... YEAH, THIS! It all really boils down to one thing. In business, life, friendships, love, getting through the day, making sure the dude at Starbucks doesn’t mess up your order… your success and ease or pain and confusion in this life comes down to communication. Your interactions with other human beings. Get it right…. Life is easy, people are happy, shit gets done… properly.Get it wrong… Feelings get hurt, people are unhappy, mad, there is confusion, errors, shit doesn’t get done… or it’s done poorly. - READ MORE

HOW MANY SUMMERS DO I HAVE LEFT? We think we have all the time in the world. We don’t often like to acknowledge our mortality or that we have a limited number of trips around the sun. And when you do, the surprise of not knowing exactly what that number is, can make you consider what you will do with the years you have. I’m 52 and though I feel great and look great (I moisturize… a lot) I know that nothing is guaranteed. My time on this planet is limited… and God willing I’ve got another 40+ years to go before I check out. But you never know. So I asked myself the question. How many summers do I have left? I don’t know. But the bigger question is… HOW WILL I FILL THOSE SUMMERS - READ MORE

BS DETECTOR TOOLBOX - HOW TO SEE IF SOMEONE IS SERIOUS. Ever feel like someone is leading you on? Yanking your chain? Won't give you a solid yes or no? I HATE THAT. It kills me that people are just too weak to tell you where you stand or are afraid to say no. Instead, they leave you hanging on to a glimmer of hope or allow you to waste your time thinking they're interested. I have a solution. It is one specific question that helped me quickly determine if someone was serious or not. It's become one of my main tools in my BS detector toolbox. - READ MORE



I'm putting together a BETA TEST GROUP for my new course.... THE BS DETECTOR TOOLBOX,an Advanced Adulting Communication course on Getting Past the Mask in Love, Career & Life, If you want to participate in the Beta Test Group for FREE, which wil include the course, a private facebook group and some group coaching with me... click here http://bit.ly/30WwOhj and I’ll get you the info .We will get started in a couple of weeks.

That's it for this edition... I'll spare you the intro next time and get straight to the good stuff and give you a few other goodies, podcasts from others and cool stuff to check out... but I don't want to overwhlem you right now. I really do appreciate you letting me into your inbox and world. I hope you get something you can use and relate to... or at least laugh at.

Have a great week.

Thanks Y'all.


Bradley Richardson


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