How To Get What You Think You're Worth. (VIDEO)

How to get what you think you’re worth. 

I was recently coaching someone to help her prepare for an upcoming interview. She was role playing what to say when asked about salary, when things went wrong. 

“Based on my experience, background, and the industry average for this position I FEEL THAT I AM WORTH….. $”  Whoa there!!!!  

Absolutely wrong way to do it.

She just screwed herself. If you have ever thought that or believe that was the right way to handle yourself, you aren’t alone. In fact it’s a pretty common response.

But there are some fundamental reasons why it doesn’t work. 

Check out the VIDEO to learn why and show you how to reframe the conversation to get what you deserve. 


  • It is about ALL ABOUT THEM THEM... not you. They don’t care what you FEEL you’re worth. They care and can only understand the VALUE you bring to them… AND THAT is worth something. 
  • Explain your “worth” in a way that is important to them.
  • Don’t assume they know how to interpret the value you bring or that it is obvious… it isn’t 
  • Sales 101 : FEATURES TELL BENEFITS SELL. Don’t just list YOUR features (experience and skills), show them what value or benefit you bring and let the other person acknowledge THE WORTH you have. 
  • Your background or experience are just an ingredients list. Think about Green Juice (see video)
  • People are interested in what YOU can DO FOR THEM and the value you bring BECAUSE of what you’ve done.

THE MAGIC PHRASE - How To Flip The Script.  

1.) List your features, skills, background or what you think is important. 

2.) Transition phrase ie. What that means for you is…. Which is important to you because… …. So the reason that is valuable to you is… 

3.) Guide them to the obvious benefits and value you bring. Don’t assume they will connect the dots or leave it unspoken. Spell it out… (Increased revenue, new clients, greater efficiency, etc.)

4.) Close them ! Things you can say include, "As a result wouldn’t you agree that what I bring is valuable?" ; "What would you think that is worth?";  OR “Surely the value I bring is worth something significant to you?” 

  • Bonus. Stop speaking. Put it back on them. You’ve made your case that you think you’re a bad ass AND CAN PROVE IT. Once someone is sold… stop selling. 

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