Don't Overthink It... Overcome it.

I’ve been making myself crazy this week. 

I’ve been working on launching some new business things. Content, site, etc.. and it’s driving my up a f…..g  wall. Why?

Perfectionism, overthinking and that GD voice. You know the one, the judgmental one in my head. Tell me if you relate. 

I’ve worked, reworked and scrapped more things that I can even count. I’ve devoted so much attention to minutia that I swear to God I felt like a teen hopped up on Adderall. 

At one point I’d focused on a single paragraph so much that I looked up and I’d spent an hour. WTF? 

There is “wordsmithing” and then there is obsession. 

When I would finally get something finished and really looking good, I’d become paralyzed with fear about putting it out there. 

"Hit enter or send? Oh hell no, I should think about this more."  

Pressfield calls it “resistance" and it takes many forms. 

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Bradley Richardson
Bracelets, Scars & What Matters

Four years ago this morning I was by myself in Presby Hospital Dallas laying on a table to be wheeled into surgery to remove malignant melanoma (skin cancer) from my arm as well as a lymph node. Here is what I learned...

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How to Overcome A "Slow No" Rejection

Leave it to the geniuses at to put a name to describe what many of us experience daily: The “California No”

* For the uninitiated, Miriam Webster’s Dictionary, this is not! is a site that keeps you up on the latest slang, phrases and language so you don’t sound like a complete relic in front of your children or young employees, instead you just sound like a wannabe hipster).

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Ask These 4 Questions to Become "Unstuck" In Your Career

Stuck in your career? Things not working out like you have planned? There are four important questions you need to ask yourself to get yourself out of a rut and prepared to make a change. Here is the first step...

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CareerBradley Richardson
How Is That Working For You?

How is that working for you?

It can be anything. Your relationship. Your job. Your business. Your health. Hopefully your answer is, “It’s working like a champ” or “Couldn’t be better” But that isn’t always the answer is it? 

We all give a brave face and say things are awesome and working, but really? Over the years that simple phrase has acted like a mirror in my life and others I’ve worked with. 

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Bradley Richardson
Thought Leaders, Visionaries and Other BS Phrases Keeping You from Getting The Gig.

Apparently I either haven’t had enough fiber in my diet lately or just had too many margaritas last night because I woke up cranky. It didn’t help that the first thing I read was an article talking about the over use of self proclaimed and inflated monikers on LinkedIn Bios and profiles.

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