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For over twenty years, Bradley Richardson has been recognized as a best-selling author, coach, speaker and one of the top executive recruiters, career and hiring strategists in America.

Through content, coaching and mentoring, Bradley gives YOU the tools, ideas, direction and confidence so YOU CAN BECOME THE BEST employee, boss, manager, executive, entrepreneur, multi-passionate, BAD ASS PROFESSIONAL AND HUMAN BEING YOU WANT TO BE!

He has personally advised, mentored, coached AND recruited thousands of people from all walks of life, ages, industries, and experience levels to help them succeed, improve, evaluate or change their career, professional, and personal situations.

In addition to his work with individuals, Bradley is frequently engaged by leading organizations including start ups, Inc. 5000 and Fortune 500 companies to coach, advise, create strategies and share ideas which they execute to identify, reach, hire, and recruit top talent, so they can ultimately grow the business and beat their competition. 

how you can work with Bradley

Through his free content, books, and writing, Bradley reaches thousands of people worldwide. Bradley works directly 1-1 with individuals of all ages, backgrounds, walks of life, experience levels and professions, through his COACHING, MENTORING & ADVISORY programs.

He also is frequently engaged by companies on both the Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000, startups, entrepreneurs and business owners to coach and provide strategic advisory programs for the organization or it's executives.

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"I help you see yourself, your situation and your path more clearly. I guarantee to give you tips, direction, ideas and the confidence to succeed and make your career and life whatever YOU want."

you aren't alone.

  • Sometimes you DON'T KNOW what you DON'T KNOW.
  • Sometimes you don't know WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO TURN, HOW TO DO IT or what your OPTIONS are.
  • Sometimes you need reassurance or to know YOU'RE NOT ALONE, CRAZY OR FULL OF SHIT.  

You may just need a plan, a change, a different way of thinking, resources, ideas, strategies or simply a sounding board. Your friends and family won't do. You need someone with experience, perspective and objectivity to listen, lift you up or even call you out on your shit when you need it.

Your life and career are more interconnected than ever before. This also means you have more options, freedom and choices than ever. So, how are you going to navigate this uncharted territory? You need a guide. You need someone who can show you how it all works and how you can take control of your career, business and your life. Bradley can that mentor for you. 

readers and clients say Bradley's content, ideas and coaching has given them:

  • A strategy, a plan, a blueprint that you can make happen.
  • Actionable tips
  • Inspiration that will get you started and momentum to keep you going
  • Confidence that you will know what to say, do and respond
  • Resources, content and examples from different fields.
  • A new way to look at hiring, growing the people side of the business and compete. 
  • Security and a feeling like you're back in control of your career

what this means for YOU is...

You now have a resource, a guide, mentor and advisor to show you how to connect the dots, think strategically, find the answers, develop and execute a plan to improve, and reach your personal and professional goals." 


(Hey, it's no 5 Star Yelp Rating... but damn close)

  • "I feel like I have game plan and a goal." 

    • - K. Meyer

  • "You offer positive ideas, not a list of excuses why someone can't fulfill their expectations. You have been an inspiration to me." 

    • - B. Hamlin 

  • "You're informative, interesting, brutally honest and funny." 

    • - E. Silverman

  • "Amazing insights and great compassion. Really therapeutic."

    • - A. Becker

what you can expect...

If you're thinking, "Ugh,great. Some #$@&%*! Executive Recruiter. This is gonna  be some really boring resume, job search or recruiting BS. I'm not looking for a job or hiring anyone. WTF. I wonder what's on Netflix?"

Guess again Amigo o Amiga.

This is REAL LIFE.


  • Are you a human? CHECK! 
  • Do you work, have a career or run a business of ANY type? CHECK!
  • Do you want to be the best possible human you can be? CHECK!
  • Do you work with humans, hire humans, have humans as clients? CHECK
  • Are you related to and/or friends with, interact with, or sleep with with humans? CHECK!

Great. Then we're golden Pony Boy.  

* ping me if you get The Outsiders reference. * I read a lot and there will be the occasional random pop culture or lit reference to keep up with

I believe great ideas can come from anywhere. I'm always learning, reading, listening and looking for ways to improve and discover how the "best of the best" do things.  

My objective is to be a mentor, advisor, and coach by sharing my experience and expertise, but also to be a conduit or matchmaker, connecting you with other great ideas, resources and more. I also value authenticity.

A few writers and people I like and respect include James Altucher, Mark MansonJen Sincero, Steven Pressfield, Lewis HowesJon Acuff, Liz Gilbert, Mel Robbins, Ramit Sethi, Andy Frisella, and Grant Cardone to name a few.

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... and just who the hell am I?

I'm a writer, entrepreneur, recruiter, artist, tennis player, 5th Generation Texan who lives in Dallas and is single Dad to 3 Bad Ass kids and a blue pitbull.

You can read the full bio and get the dirty details and E True Hollywood story HERE.

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