"I believe that behind every resume, every call and every organization is a real person, a soul who has unique personal hopes, dreams and aspirations; I change peoples lives by helping them achieve what they want, be who they are and are capable of being...professionally and personally."

Bradley Richardson

Have you worked with a recruiter or career coach before? What did you think?

Whether you are an employer who has hired an executive search firm or a candidate who has received a call from a headhunter, everyone has a different or unique experience. In conversations with hundreds of executives and job seekers, If there is a common thread, it is that it is funny how something that impacts your life and organization so greatly can often appear transactional and even impersonal. 

For over a decade I've worked with some of America's leading hospitals and healthcare executives to recruit and connect CEO, CFO, and Revenue Cycle executives. Whether it is finding a strategic key executive that will save a company millions of dollars or helping someone make a move that will mean a better opportunity and quality of life for them and their family....It is more than just recruiting and sending resumes to me... I'm in the business of changing lives and companies.

I do this by connecting people with organizations, opportunities and each other; and so do with authenticity, openness, creativity, education and inspiration.... while never losing site of the bottom line and objectives.
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