May 2017

DALLAS -  I'm here for the duration this month. Kids are coming back in town (college in Austin & Memphis) and the youngest spawn is still in school here. 

Working my ass off on the OSP business (my recruiting business... aka.. how I make money) Streamlined and am pushing sourcing subscription service.. sexy right?  

We do the lead generation, name gathering research or "sourcing" for companies internal recruiting teams. Pushing a new offer to a bigger variety of companies... so to quote Terrence Howard... "It's hard being a pimp"

btw... just added Varidesk as a client. They are the largest maker of adjustable, standup desks in the world. Bad Ass product and company. 

Books... I went digging through old archives (ie... buckets and boxes) and found a couple of manuscripts that I never published. One of them had been with a major publisher, I got paid and for an odd reason (the editor has a personal freak out issue or something) they never published it. I got the rights back.... and well, 19 years later, I pulled it out and read it....

Not bad... Not awesome... but I can tell where I've grown as a writer and man. It was cool to see what I'd do differently and to see what still holds up. 

Sooooo.... I'm going to re-package it and start releasing some of it to you on the blog and to subscribers. We will see what the feedback is. Of course I'll update things, but It will be interesting. It was originally called "With a Little Help From My Friends" and it is about the soft skills, the common sense things that aren't taught and too few people have.  Sign up for my updates and I'll make sure and tell you about it and get them to you. 

I also have been reading a TON lately and reconnecting with good writers, artists, people and finding my passion and voice again. Just like Stella... I'm getting my groove back. "no comment" 

What I've read this month so far and loved...

  • Davy Rothbart - My Heart Is an Idiot. 
  • The Subtle of Not Giving A Fuck
  • Steal Like An Artist
  • I'm A Bad Ass @ Making Money

I've been listening to a boat load of podcasts too...

Here is what I like now. 


Tom Bilyeau

Joe Rogan

Andy Friscella

Love Gary Vee but I'm a little worn out of the hype and hustle right now.. waiting for some more meat, less soundbites. When he is on he is awesome.