Thanks for taking time to sign up and for letting me visit you and your in box from time to time. 

I appreciate it. I really do. And my goal is to give you something that will occasionally make you think, inspire or educate you, introduce you to something you were not aware of or had not considered before or that you just find valuable in your life, business, career or relationship. (I know that sounds broad... but guess what? They're all related and intertwined) 

Let me hear from you. REALLY! That's a big thing. It helps me to know what works, what doesn't and what you need or want more of. Also, this writing and putting yourself out there thing is not easy no matter how big your ego is... so it's nice to get a thumbs up, I liked it, I get it, that moved me, you're handsome (ok kidding... not really, I like hearing that.:-) )

Early in my career and even in my first books and throughout my career in recruiting, I sometimes played it close to the vest... guarded, filtered... vanilla. Trying to be all things to all people. The result in trying to please everyone is... you please no one. Including yourself.

It's taken me many years to realize that I'm my best (personally, professionally) and my best value to others (clients, readers, friends) when I'm myself, transparent, unfiltered, confident bordering on cocky... (but just shy of it because I know I've been knocked on my ass and where I've come from) and most importantly, not giving  a %*&@! about being all things to all people... but being all the best I can be for the people who are in. 

There is a philosophy that I live by regarding this... and I ask you to consider do the same in out (online / reading / etc) relationship together. 

The Law of ⅓.  

You can't make 100% of the people happy. ⅓ will hate you on spec... regardless of what you do. There is no changing it. They don't like people in blue shirts, a guy named Bradley picked on them in school, you look like their ex... Doesn't matter.. they're gonna hate you for no reason, so don't bother.  ⅓ are on the fence. They can go either way and some things they love, some they don't. They can be swayed but they are for the most part "meh." You do your best and see what comes. The last ⅓... oh they get it. They like what you say, how you say and they are simpatico. They are your true "fans" for lack of a better word... but I just prefer to think of them as the ones who you really serve. I hope that's you. That's who I care about and cater to. 

I don't need 100% of the people to like me... but I do want that special ⅓ to like me 100%! That's WHO I do it all for and they deserve MY 100% best effort, thoughts and material. 

One final thing. Just like the law of ⅓... there will be things you LOVE, some you are lukewarm about or that don't resonate or apply to you, and there will be the occasional thing that you will not like or totally disagree with. That's cool. I encourage you to take the best and leave the rest. Find something that works for you. 

Good luck and thanks again. 

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Bradley Richardson

Dallas, Texas