how to get what YOU need

There are several ways to work together depending on what you need, your style and how deep you want to go.

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1-1 & Group Coaching, Mentoring & Advising

You can have dedicated access to Bradley for advising, consulting & coaching in several formats including 1:1 or a small group / mastermind setting, Individual Brain Storming, ½ & Full Day Immersion Sessions. These are tailored to meet each individuals unique needs. Can be done in person (depending on location), phone or online via Zoom, Skype or other method. Past clients have covered everything from role play, scripting, evaluation, understanding, strategy, idea generation, inspiration and an occasional hug or kick in the ass... sometimes both in the same day. Click below to learn more and we can jump on a call or communicate to see what you need and what works best for you. 

Online Courses

Through interactive or self paced online courses, Bradley covers a variety of useful topics. His online courses range from signature courses that comprehensively tackle a bigger or broader topic and involve video, audio, scripts, pdf reading and resources, role play, evaluation, office hours and interaction with and communication with Bradley. Others are shorter in length but go deep on a particular or single subject or issue. Learn more, get updated when new course releases or let us know of something you would like to see covered click below. 

Speaking, Media & Podcast Guest

Bradley brings a relatable mix of humor and practical information to your event or group, conference, event or audience. Having spoken to corporate, non-profit events, conferences, meetings and workshops from 15 to to 5,000 people, Bradley is an engaging professional that will make your meeting planners look great and your members or audience excited and energized. His core topics and presentations are on relationships, parenting, men's issues, divorce, dating and corporate recruiting, and entrepreneurial topics based upon his books, corporate work, experience as an entrepreneur and coach. He can also work with you to customize or personalize topics specifically for your meeting or audience.