i'm not THAT guy. the dopplegangers, fakes and mistaken ID

If you do a quick Google search, you will find that oddly… there are several people also named Bradley Richardson.

“Seems as though someone elses’ parents thought it was a pretty awesome idea too.” But to eliminate any confusion and make sure you are a dealing with the Bradley you need (MEANING ME) and getting the best info possible to help you professionally AND personally… Here is a simple overview to help you identify.  * 

On a personal note… I’m thankful that I do not share a similar name with a celebrity such as say… Michael Bolton (Office Space Fans) …. Although I do celebrate his entire catalog. I salute these other awesome gentleman!

Seriously... though it appears to be a unique name, there is sometimes confusion. Also, on several occasions I have been contacted by facebook and a variety of dating sites from as far as Australia, and even someone from the FBI informing me of lowlifes who have used my pics and bits and pieces for their dating profile A.) Dudes I have my own dating issues, I don't need any help jacking things up or making it more difficult. B.) Look, I don't scare small children or have villagers chasing me with a pitchfork... but Jesus people, can't you pick someone more handsome than me to use as you fake out poor women looking for love... you sick *&@#. Lastly, I'm pretty out there so it's pretty easy for people to see I'm the real slim shady(wait.... nevermind) you know what I mean.

But just in case there is any confusion.. I'm THE REAL Bradley Richardson. 

 Other Bradley Richardson’s include… 

  • CFO of Diebold Industries * I’m not as wealthy
  • Former NHL Hockey Player for the LA Kings * I don’t have my own jersey and can’t skate
  • An MD / Internist in West Virginia * I don't like blood or West Virginia
  • Several actors, aspiring singers and artsy types in the UK * No I’m not a ballet dancer, don’t own tank tops or do the “Billy Elliot Dance…  But I can “bust a move” 
  • A Mechanical Engineer * I’m better looking but worse at math
  • About 8 guys in Australia  * Seriously. WTF. It must be like the "John Smith" of Down Under.
  • A professional “gamer” in Canada * My kids kicked my ass in COD and Madden so, no
  • A professor and author of books on Japanese Democracy * I love sushi and believe everyone should have the right to eat it… that’s about the extent of my knowledge of Japanese democracy Mr Roboto.
  • A Lacrosse Player * My son was a lax bro... if that counts
  • An Oil and Gas Guy * See #1
  • A couple of stupid teenagers who like to play with fireworks * Thank God You Tube wasn't around when I was a kid to video my dumb antics
  • A few attorneys and other sketchy types and “ner do wells”